Services Provided

Southside Animal Hospital provides full sevice veterinary care for dogs, cats and ferrets.  We are dedicated to treating your pets as if they were our own.  We ensure our wide range of services will provide your pet with the highest quality care available. 

Yearly Physical Examination, Pet Vaccinations and Wellness Care: 
At Southside Animal Hospital, keeping your pet healthy and happy is our highest priority.  We offer lifelong care from puppy and kitten packages to adult wellness exams and geriatric care.  Annual exams aid in early illness detection and enable our veterinarians to diagnose problems before they become a serious issue.

Good oral health for your pet can result in a longer and happier life!  During your pet's yearly physical examination, we will examine the mouth for any dental issues.  Southside Animal Hospital offers a myriad of dental services including oral and dental exams, cleaning, polishing, and extractions if needed.  Please call us to schedule an appointment.

The veterinarians at Southside Animal Hospital perform a wide range of surgical procedures ranging from spay and neuter to extensive soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, including fracture repair and TPLO for anterior cruciate ligament tears.  We utilize multi-modal anesthesia protocols to provide an extra margin of safety, especially for older or high-risk patients.

In the unfortunate event your pet is diagnosed with cancer, our doctors will develop an individual treatment plan, which may include surgical intervention, chemotherapy, or other treatments.  New advances being made in cancer diagnosis and treatment have increased our ability to extend and maintain quality of life.

Radiology and Ultrasound:
Our in-house direct digital radiology equipment allows us to quickly get vital diagnostic information on your pet's medical condition.  From broken bones to contrast radiography, our knowledgeable staff is trained in radiograph development and interpretation.  We offer PennHip and OFA radiographic studies.  We work with specialists to offer abdominal and cardiac ultrasound.

Diagnostic and Lab Procedures:
Southside Animal Hospital is equipped with an extensive in-house laboratory.  We offer CBC (complete blood counts), blood chemistry, electrolytes, urinalysis, cytology and fecal exams.  For specialized blood tests and tissue samples, we have referral laboratories that provide fast and accurate test response.  

Emergency Care: 
If your pet is in need of emergency care after hours, please call Pet Emergency Treatment at 274-5636 or Diamond Animal Hospital at 562-8384.

Dr. Schmidt offers acupuncture to our established clients.

Canine  Rehabilitation:
Dr. Branvold-Faber is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and provides a variety of physical rehabilitation modalities, such as therapeutic laser, under water treadmill, and therapeutic exercises.  Canine physical rehabilitation promotes faster healing, pain management, conditioning, and improved function.  It is ideal for post-surgical patients and neurological conditions, such as intervertebral disc disease.  Canine physical rehabilitation is also beneficial for chronic arthritis, soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis, conditioning for working animals, and weight control for overweight animals. 

We carry a full line of medications for your pets.  By law, we are required to have a valid patient/doctor relationship to write or dispense a prescription.  This means, in order to obtain a prescription, your pet will need to have a recent exam by one of our veterinarians.  Please remember to call ahead should you need a refill of prescription medication.